Carolina Dentistry

Carolina Dentistry, previously Jett Dental, came to us looking for a total rebrand. The practice had a new owner who came to us with a new name. Their office is in a higher-end area of Columbia, SC so they wanted the new brand to feel classy & high-end while conveying classic southern hospitality through their imagery.

Carolina Dentistry
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Brand Identity
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The Challenge

We weren't given much direction outside of wanting to appear high-end without being pretentious and still feeling welcoming. We wanted to steer away from stereotypical dental imagery such as teeth, so we decided since hospitality was important to them we would try to pursue a pineapple mark. Pineapples are often used as a symbol of hospitality. We liked that it was unique and there weren't any other dental offices in Columbia using that so it would stand out. Next, we came up with a color palette of navy and rose gold. Using an established gradient they can achieve a metallic look to match the signage that will be put up in their office which will be dimensional rose gold aluminum. To tie into the hospitality theme we created a primary badge that helps establish that they are a local business and not a big box dental agency. As the badge had quite a lot of content in it we created several other versions of the logo to make it versatile and able to be implemented in any way they might need.