Precious in His Sight

I got the opportunity to design & layout a book that was written by Brandon Clements and published by Midtown Fellowship. The book is titled, "Precious in His Sight: Race, the Story of God & the Story of America." This book discussed and raised awareness of racism in the south from a historical and modern-day perspective. Along with the book, our team created a video to use for promotional purposes.

Midtown Fellowship
Work Done
Editorial Design & Sign Painting
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The Challenge

Midtown Fellowship decided to publish this book/study guide to go along with the teaching they were doing. They hadn't planned to do anything like this but felt that with everything going on in the world and our country they needed to address the deep-seated racism that is prevalent in the south. Our team only had 2 months to complete the writing, design, and marketing materials needed to launch this book. It was a hectic sprint and definitely didn't come out perfect but in the end, the entire team hustled to get this out and it ended up being a successful campaign. Along with the design and layout of the book, I took the cover typography and hand-painted it to help create a cohesive display to give the books away, as well as worked with the video production team to create video content to go along with the book and teaching.