Firebrand Design Co.

This was a brand project for a creative studio that never ended up becoming a thing. While the job never went anywhere I am still proud of the work that was done. Our team was all tasked to create our own unique direction for the brand centered on custom typography but with no other direction.

Work Done
Brand Identity
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The Challenge

The name came from the root of branding using a firebrand to brand livestock and also tied into the other meaning of the word meaning someone who is passionate about something to the point of taking radical action. They wanted to steer clear of any imagery of an actual brand as they didn't like the connotation it had with animal cruelty. Since this project was essentially shooting in the dark I decided to try something I had never done before and took the opportunity to build out a custom blackletter typeface. Along with the typeface I created a set of icons and possible mural ideas using fire imagery.