RJ Jackson,

Designer & Illustrator

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Hey! I am a graphic designer and illustrator based in Columbia, SC. You can check out my work below!



My company has contracted RJ to help with a variety of design projects. He has an ability to help clients fully realize their ideas that is intentional and efficient. In addition, he is prompt and professional in all interactions. RJ rules.

Chad Rochester — Founder/Creative Director, The Pierson Collective


RJ’s ability to bring an idea to fruition with excellence gave our team the freedom to explore new styles and concepts. His personal drive and attention to his craft allowed me to focus on other things because I knew I could count on him to deliver.

Nick Johnston — Communications Director, Midtown Fellowship


RJ has been a pleasure to work with. He has helped our Circa team with design work as well as creative input. He has delivered consistent quality work right on time. I highly recommend his work to anyone in need of creative design ideas!

DR Granger — Owner, Circa Barber Shop


RJ's drive and passion for creativity is evident from what he makes. As well, his work ethic and communication match the quality in his craft. RJ values what he creates, and yet has flexibility enough to make adjustments without sacrificing the artistic integrity of his work.

Jay Hendricks — Levvy

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