Hop x Boys

This was a self-initiated project I did for fun. I love the craft beer industry but have never had the opportunity to work with a brewery. So I decided to use my free time to create a brand identity and product line for a brewery. I decided to create "Hop x Boys Beersmiths" an irreverent brand that pokes fun at all of us aging ex-punks who now have real jobs, families, and responsibilities to worry about but still love beer, skating, playing music, and having terrible haircuts.

Work Done
Brand Identity, Packaging.
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The Challenge

I had actually started this a few years ago. The original concept was to create different "hop head" characters for each beer. Similar to what I did here, but their heads were all going to be hops. Coming back to this random project a few years later, I decided to completely re-work the logo and drop the idea of having hops in the logo. It feels like every brewery out there is doing something with hops. I wanted to do something different.